Why does my cat meow?

We always see our cat meowing. But do we know the actual reason behind it? That’s why we at Cat Lovers are here to answer the question: “Why does my cat meow?”. But beware that we at Cat Lovers don’t know everything. You should go to the vet at all times if you suspect that your cat has a serious problem.

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So, Why does my cat meow?

Why does my cat meow: Cat meowing

So, why does my cat meow?. The reason why a cat meows is different for each cat. One cat wants to eat some food while the other one might feel a bit sad. Not to mention, the cat might also be a bit hungry. Or, the cat might just be saying Hi to you! Nevertheless, these are ofcourse general reasons why a cat might be meowing. But there are also some other reasons like behavioral problems. Behaviour problems are things such as litter box issues or a lack of playthings. Due to a lack of playthings for example, the cat will scratch everything. Moreover, even illnesses can make a cat meow alot, or territorial reasons. The cat might feel threatened for some reason. To fix this problem you can rub the cat’s bedding to new furniture. By doing this the furniture will get the cat’s scent.


To exactly find out why your cat meows, you should first look at the circumstances of your cat. If you haven’t given your cat a lot of food the past few hours, try giving your cat some food. And if you don’t have any clue on why your cat meows, you might want to give the vet a visit.

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We all want to make sure our cats are well and healthy.
If you have any questions, you can ask us anything via our facebook page and we’ll try our best to give you some advice! But beware, we do not know everything about cats. You should go to the vet if you think your cat has a serious problem.

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