Cat behaviour explained – 5 strange cases

Cat behaviour 4: Could you please get off my laptop?

Cat sitting on laptop

Everytime when I try to do something on my laptop my cat sits on it. Every cat owner knows the struggle, but in reality, we should be happy about this! Your cat wants to be near you, and it also wants some loving attention. So whenever your cat is sitting on your stuff again, pet it and give the cat the loving attention he deserves!

Cat behaviour 5: Cats rubbing themselves against you

You might not realize it, but cats are simply said little four-legged agents. When a cat is rubbing themselves against you, they mark you with their scent, according to a study by Borns-Weil. The cat can group its people and its environment this way. This weird cat behaviour isn’t actually that weird. Although I am quite glad that humans don’t have this weird cat behaviour.

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