Cat behaviour explained – 5 strange cases

Cat behaviour 2: Why does this weird cat stare at me?

Cat behaviour: staring

Why does my cat always stare at me? I know you look charming, but sadly enough, that isn’t the reason why your cat is looking at you. The real reason for your cat’s behaviour is the cat’s curious nature. The cat literally checks you over. Maybe it’s because of the cat’s predator instinct. Who knows? Perhaps your cat just wants some more cat food or some attention.

Cat behaviour 3: STOP, DON’T EAT THAT!

Innocent cat

Oh no, not again. Why does my cat always try steal to my food? Well, first off, in the cat’s point of view it’s: “Your food, my food.” The bond between you and your cat is something special to the cat. The cat will be thinking that it can take a piece of your food. And the cat will gladly share his food with you, if you like it atleast!

Big eyed cats with the cutest face

Why does my cat meow?