Cat behaviour explained – 5 strange cases

We’ve all seen it as cat owners, the weird cat behaviour our cats have sometimes:

Cat behaviour: cat rolling

Okay, okay, it’s time to go back to some real examples. We’ve all seen some actual weird things our cats are doing. Like sitting in some weird position or rubbing themselves against you.
But why don’t we understand the reasoning behind the things these cats are doing? Let’s find out in these next 5 facts about strange cat behaviour!

Cat behaviour 1: Why do you sit in a box when I bought a cat-villa for you?

Cat in box

There are so many places in which my cat could take a rest. But out of all those places he chooses a box. Yes, you heard that right, a box. The reason why your cat chooses to curl up in a tiny cardboard box is because small places make cats feel more safe and secure. When cats used to be in the wild, they hid in small and secure places to be less open to larger predators. “But they haven’t been in the wild for a while though.” Perhaps they’re hiding from the cat police, or maybe from us!


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