Scottish Fold Munchkins are the cutest

I didn’t believe this cat race existed at first. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a cat with such small legs and paws. The cat race which im referring to are the Scottish Fold Munchkins.

How the Scottish Fold Munchkins were created

The Scottish Fold Munchkins are an official experimental breed. Due to a cross between a Scottish Fold:

Scottish fold Munchkins

and the Munchkin cat:

Munchkin cat

the Scottish Fold Munchkin came to be:

As you can see, the Scottish Fold Munchkin has the short legs from the Munchkin and the cute ears from the Scottish Fold. But don’t you worry, the short legs don’t affect the cat at all. The cat can play, climb and jump just like any other cat. In addition to this, the cat has a life expectancy of about 15 years. Above all else, the cuteness of the Scottish Fold Munchkin is too much for me. Just look at this little four legged kitten!

In this video you can see a 6 week old Scottish Fold Munchkin kitten. The kitten’s name is Munchkin. Although named Munchkin, the owners prefer to call the kitten Munchie.

Is this the right cat for me?

Cat questioning

As we said before, the Scottish Fold Munchkins are an energetic bunch who need a lot of attention. Due to their need of attention, the cats would rather live with someone being there all the time. People who live alone, travel alot, or go to work should rethink about getting a Scottish Fold Munchkin. The cat might become shy due to the lack of attention. Moreover, the cat’s lively nature makes the cat a perfect play cat. If you have trouble finding a name for your cat, try checking out this article which helps you get inspired!

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