Rescue Kitten Who Desperately Wanted To Leave Shelter Begged Woman To Take Her Home

This adorable kitty is Cheyenne. She was a rescued kitty who literally clung to her foster mom and refused to let go!

Cheyenne was taken over to Nevada SPCA and put into a kennel (like all the other animals are). Cheyenne wasn’t very happy about that – as you can imagine.

When Nikki, who is a foster mom first arrived, Cheyenne made sure that she didn’t get left behind!

Nikki immediately picked up the little gray and white kitten and realized she couldn’t say no to her! Nikki took Chey home that very same afternoon.

Happily and quickly, Chey grew and thrived living in a loving home and not in a shelter. One day a woman whose name is Amy met Chey and took her home!

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