Chimera cat: A two-faced cat

Have you ever heard about a cat with two faces? Sounds impossible right? But the cat with two faces exists! The cat with two faces is called a “chimera cat”. How do these cats have two faces? And why are they so beautiful? We at CatLovers are here to explain the existence of this mysterious cat.

Chimera cat

1. What is a chimera cat?

Chimera cat

A chimera cat is a cat with “two faces”. One part of the cat’s face is black and the other part contains its normal fur color. But that isn’t the only difference. According to , a chimera cat is one individual organism, but genetically its own fraternal twin.

2. How are chimera cats made?

Venus the chimera cat

A chimera cat is brought to existence from merging two nonidentical twins.
By composing cells from different zygotes into a single organism a chimera cat comes into existence. The process I just described is called “genetic chimerism”. Because of genetic chimerism, the cat might have male and female organs, two different bloodtypes, and two eyes with different color as a result.
But that isn’t the only way chimerism happens. Another way for a cat to undergo chimerism is by organ transplantion. Due to giving the cat another individual tissue which has been developed from two genomes, the cat can have a change in blood type.

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