You wouldn’t expect a cat playing the piano while asleep

Have you ever heard of the guy called Sarper Durman, also known as the cat pianist? Sarper Durman is a Turkish guy who has a passion for music and loves cats. Not to mention, he’s also a great guy! He wishes to help street animals. Due to his love for cats and passion for music, he combined them to make awesome instagram videos. In his videos, you can see him playing the piano with a cat. What is more, Sarper and his cat both enjoy the sound of the piano! Above all, his videos are simply beautiful and incredibly cute to watch.

Aww, this adorable cat is just trying to sleep, but the music from the cat painist is stopping him. Or is it?
Watch how this cat will put the biggest smile on your face as you watch him try to fall asleep. Moreover, the snoring of the cat makes it even cuter. Either way, this adorable little cat will absolutely make your day!

Pianist cat's album coming soon 😂😂🐈 Pianist kedinin albümü çok yakında müzik marketlerde 😂😂

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Personally, I admire Sarper Durman. He loves every single animal with his heart. If you take a look at his instagram page, you’ll see alot of pictures with stray cats. Seeing that will simply melt your heart.

If you’d like to follow his instagram page, you can go to @sarperdurman on instagram. We hope you enjoyed this article. Make sure to share your stories via our facebook page and we might write an article about it!

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