Cat names which might inspire you!

7. Eve

Cat names: Eve

We have all heard of the name Eve from the story Adam and Eve. The name Eve is a biblical name which means “Living, enlivening”. This historical name is still quite a nice name for your cat. Due to it’s simple, pure-sounding name, your cat will have a nice name which everyone admires.

8. Ella

Cat names: Ella

The meaning of the name Ella is “beautiful; fairy maiden; Goddess”. The origin of this name is Greek, Norman or Hebrew. In Greek mythology, Ella (Ἕλλα; name in Greek) was the daughter of the Boeotian king, Athamas and the daughter of the cloud nymph Nephele. Furthermore, the name Ella was also used as a shorter name for names with ali-(meaning “other”) or names starting with El-.
In modern times the name Ella is quite a popular name. It ranked at #17 as the most popular names of 2016 according to nameberry.

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