Cat names which might inspire you!

3. Minnie

Cat names: Minnie

Another name derived from the Hebrew language is Minnie. The name was traditionally a nickname for Mary, but it can also be a nickname for the names: Minerva, Hermione, or Amelia. The meaning of the name Minnie differs in each language. In Hebrew the name Minnie means Wished-for child; rebellion; and bitter. The American meaning of the name Minnie is the same as the Hebrew meaning of the name Minnie. The meaning of the name Minnie in the French language is: Form of Williamina. And the meaning of the name Minnie in Teutonic is: Loving memory. Cats with the name Minnie have the urge and as well as the desire for adventurous travels. They dislike tradition and want to do things their own way, at their own pace.

4. Peaches

Cat names: Peaches

The name Peaches translates to well, peaches. Cats with the name Peaches are spontaneous, and love the company of others.

5. Yuki

Japanese Cat

Okay, this might be a unisex name but I still think this name should be on this list. It’s a lovely name with a delightful meaning.
Yuki is a Japanese name which means “happiness”(幸) or “snow”(雪). It’s a name for either boys or girls but the male name is pronounced with a longer “u”(Yoo-oo-kee). While the female’s name is pronounced with a shorter “u”(yoo-kee). The name is also written different in Japanese for each gender. Moreover, the name Yuki can also be a combination between the word “Yu”(由), meaning “reason, cause” and “ki”(貴) meaning “valuable” or “chronicle”(紀).

6. Trixie

Cat names: Trixie

The origin of the name Trixie is from Latin and it’s a short way of saying “Beatrix”. The name Trixie means:”She who brings happiness”. Although it’s not a popular name nowadays, it’s still a beautiful name which should be appreciated.

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