Cat names which might inspire you!

We all have had a hard time choosing good cat names. But what if you’re getting more cats? How should you choose the perfect cat names for your future cats? You might want to go for the cat’s special features like color, silly behaviour, or even the favourite food of the cat.

We at are here to help you out! Get inspired by these 10 (not in order) adorable cat names! Nevertheless, don’t forget to check out our other article “26 things every cat owner goes through”!

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Female cat names

1. Luna

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Luna is a name of Latin origin which roughly translates to “moon”. The name Luna is also derived from the Roman goddess of the moon. Furthermore, the name Luna can also be used as an astrological name for people born under the sign of Cancer. The name Luna is an Italian and Spanish name nowadays.

2. Bella

Cat names: Luna

The name Bella derives from the Hebrew, Latin-American, French, and Spanish language. The name Bella means “Devoted to God” in Hebrew. Another translation of the name Bella might be “beautiful” which is derived from the Italian language. Not to mention, the name Bella is also used as a short form of the name Isabella and other names ending in Bella. Cats with the name Bella have a desire for a loving family. They want to work with others and get appreciated. So if you’re going to name your cat Bella, make sure to pet it and appreciate it!

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