The 10 Biggest, Fluffiest and Definitely Most Adorable Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon cats are known as one of the largest domestic cats. Beside being such amazing creatures, they’re also skilled hunters and always in the mood for some cuddling. If, after seeing how amazing they look, you’re considering to get one, keep in mind one thing that their owners mostly complain about – they eat A LOT and their hair can be a troublesome task to deal with. Also, as any cat breed, they can sometimes be complete jerks, but they always give sings they love you.

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2. The Fluffiest Cat There Is!

Indeed, Maine Coon’s long hair and bushy tail make her one of the fluffiest creatures that ever walked on four. Their big, well tufted paws are built to withstand the harsh New England climates.

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