Big eyed cats with the cutest face

Famous big eyed cats: Lil Bub

Lil Bub

Lil Bub 2

The two and a half years old cat called Lil Bub is an internet celebrity. Lil Bub is a cat with genetical mutations. As a result of these genetical mutations the cat’s tongue is always out of it’s mouth. Furthermore, her teeth never grew in. She’s got extra toes on all her feet. And she’s quite tiny. In addition to all of that, some fan even thought Lil Bub was an angel sent down by heaven! Just because the cat is too cute for words. Let’s watch a video about Lil Bub!

The cat doesn’t have an easy life though. Because of a bone disorder this big eyed cat had problems walking around. Im really happy to type the word “had”. Because of a device called the Assisi, the cat is able to run again. Watch the story here:

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