1-month-old Kitty Is Rescued After Creeps Sewed Her Eyes And…

A one-month-old kitten has thankfully been rescued in the Philippines after its tormentors sewed together her eyelids, ears and nose.

The cat, named July, was discovered just stumbling around an alley in Manila on February 14.

This wee one was barely able to eat anything and its abusers had threaded thick cotton through her skin.

With its eyes and ears completely stitched closed, it found it difficult to move around as it had lost all spacial awareness.

July is believed to have been like that for in upwards of a week or more as the wounds had already healed.

Cat lover Leonora Calamba, who is 41, found the kitten stumbling around alleyways near her home and immediately took her inside for treatment.

In the below, July cries out in agony as Leonora and her family carefully unpick the tight stitches.

Leonora states: ‘The poor kitten was in pain. It was so hard to take out all of the stitches. She was screaming and meowing because it was hurting her so much.

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